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The Personal Wine Nook Program is one way that CSWS provides an additional level of personalized service for our Cork Club Loyalty Program members. Get limited quantity items before they are out of stock. Discover new, different wines, spirits and beers based on your personal preferences. Learn more about personalized recommendations with Take Home Tasting Notes. You’ll also be kept “in the know” about unadvertised specials and promotions.


What is the Personal Wine Nook Program (PWNP)?

It is a program that brings the Personal Shopper concept to the wine and spirits shopping experience. CSWS Staff will use their expertise to recommend selections based on your indicated preferences and budget range.

Does it cost anything to participate in the PWNP?

NO! The program is complimentary and free of charge with no obligation to make a purchase. However, you must be a member of the Cork Club Loyalty Program, which is also free. The decision to purchase the recommended selection is yours.

What is a “Personal Wine Nook” (PWN)?

There’s an actual, physical nook dedicated to each participating member. When visiting CSWS, you’ll find recommended selections and tasting notes in your PWN. You may choose to purchase a selection or simply indicate, “No, thanks.”

Is the PWNP a “Wine Club”?

No, it’s quite different. In the PWNP, a CSWS specialist will place recommended selections in your PWN based on a your preferences. Then you can decide whether to purchase a selection simply by checking out and paying. Participating customers incur no cost or obligation until making such a purchase.

What are the benefits of participating in the PWNP?

  • Additional level of personalized service tailored to you beyond the normal, hurried shopping visit.
  • Opportunity to explore, experience and discover new, different wines, spirits and beers based on your indicated preferences.
  • Avoid reverting to the “same old same old” through the convenience of personalized alternative options.
  • Take home Tasting Notes to enhance your experience, knowledge and enjoyment of the recommended selections.

How do I sign up for my Personal Wine Nook?

If you are 21, please complete a PWNP application, which enables us to tailor recommendations based on your preferences and budget parameters. Once your application is received, you will be notified of your PWN location, or in the event no nooks are available, you’ll be added to the PWNP waiting list. PWNs are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. Applications can be found online here:

What’s expected of a “Participating Customer”?

Not much other than “active” participation:

  • Review the recommended selections in your PWN when visiting CSWS.
  • Decide to purchase a recommended selection, or indicate “No Thanks” or “Maybe Later” on the sheet provided.
  • Provide feedback on the selections you try, why you passed on others, and how we can improve your overall PWNP experience.

What can I expect from CSWS as a PWNP participant?

Our best efforts to make your participation an informative, rewarding and most importantly, enjoyable experience. The PWNP is an exciting undertaking for CSWS. Since this is a new endeavor, we can’t promise perfection from the start. What we can promise is that we will strive to continually improve the PWNP for all participating customers.

How can I learn more, ask questions and apply to participate in the PWNP?

Speak with any CSWS staff member, or visit the Wine Nook page for updates and additional program details.

Cool Springs Wines & Spirits encourages responsible alcohol consumption. The PWNP is not intended to increase alcohol consumption, but only to encourage those 21 and up to experience new adult beverage products. Please drink responsibly, as we value each and every one of our customers. CSWS maintains strict privacy on all applications. The PWNP is a free program for CSWS Cork Club Members. We reserve the right to amend the PWNP rules and/or revoke a participant’s Wine Nook at any time.