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What do the locals drink? At Cool Springs Wines & Spirits we are proud to support Tennessee businesses and we encourage our customers to “Shop Local”! We take pride in stocking many locally-owned and produced wines, spirits and beers. Count on the CSWS staff to help guide you on your “Taste of Tennessee.”

Cool Springs Wines & Spirits proudly offers products from each of these local adult beverage producers and continues its support of local products since 1996.

Remember: Drink Local. Buy Local.


Amber Falls Winery and Cellars

Amber Falls Winery, founded in 2007 and located about an hour southwest of Franklin, Tennessee, in Hampshire, produces some of our favorite local wines, ranging from bold dry reds to novelty fruit wines. Give their Cranberry Caress a try during the hot summer months. The wine includes a touch of cranberry juice, making it a little more concentrated than other wines, bringing out a ton of flavor. A great family destination, Amber Falls Winery is family-friendly with musical events every weekend during the summer.

Arrington Winery and Vineyards

Although Arrington Vineyards did not officially open its doors in Williamson County until 2007, it began producing award-winning vintages a few years earlier through the Beachhaven Winery in Clarksville, Tennessee, for which Arrington Vineyards co-owner Kip Summers was winemaker for 11 years.  Combining forces with country icon Kix Brooks and then later entrepreneur John Russell, Kip Summers helped put Arrington Vineyards successfully on the map, establishing it as a true destination winery in Williamson County and a first-class operation with over 100 wine competition awards and six sold out vintages.

Beachaven Winery and Vineyards

Located in Clarksville, Tennessee, Beachaven Winery was founded in 1986 and quickly established a reputation for wine quality and vintage consistency. Their premium quality grapes and modern winemaking technology combine to make some of the most delicious wines in the world. At regional, national and international award competitions spanning 23 years, Beachaven earned well over 500 awards, including hundreds of gold and silver medals plus a Consensus Gold.

Beans Creek Winery

Beginning in 1976 as “a dream no larger than a grape,” winemaker Tom spent 30 years perfecting their award-winning wine style using grapes and fruit that grow well in Tennessee. Established in 2003, with the help and support of other winegrowing families, Bean’s Creek was founded in Manchester, Tennessee. Beans Creek Winery makes wine from grapes and fruit from all over Tennessee, such as Sumner, Robertson, Sequatchie, Loudon and Sullivan counties. In addition, Bean’s Creek Winery hosts the Grape Jam Music Series every year – May through October.

Château Ross Winery

Château Ross Winery, founded in 1999 by Ross and Deborah Proctor, is located just a short drive north from Nashville in Robertson County. With 13 acres of vineyard property, Château Ross produces wine from many grape varieties, including Chambourcin, Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Granc, Merlot, Zinfandel, Syrah, Sangiovese, Nebbiolo, Barbera and Chancellor.

DelMonaco Winery & Vineyards

DelMonaco Winery & Vineyards sits on a 52-acre parcel, centrally located in Baxter, Tennessee, between Nashville, Knoxville and Chattanooga. The winery is home to a tasting room, a gift shop, a back porch view of 10 beautiful vineyard acres and event rooms designed for everything from meetings to weddings. In addition to hosting events like galas and an Annual Harvest Festival, DelMonaco Winery & Vineyards features round-trip train excursions from Nashville to the DelMonaco Winery with full wine tastings en route and food vendors, local artists and activities upon arrival.

Stonehaus Winery

Founded in 1991, the family-run Stonehaus Winery is located high atop Tennessee’s Cumberland Plateau in Crossville, Tennessee. Stonehaus Winery produces a variety of wines from the dryer Seval Blanc and Merlot to the sweeter Muscadine and Raspberry Mist.


Blackstone Brewery

Located just north of Franklin in Nashville, Blackstone Brewery opened their new, state-of-the-art brewing and bottling facility in the summer of 2011 but has been producing their popular craft beers at their brewpub for well over a decade. A local favorite for both lunch and dinner, Blackstone Brewery’s brewpub proudly serves their own craft beers alongside everything from pub burgers and gourmet wood-fired, brick oven pizzas to rainbow trout and filet mignon. Blackstone Brewery proudly produces a variety of quality craft beers, from the lighter Belgian-style Pale Ales to the richer, luscious Porters.

Yazoo Brewery

Opened in 2003, Yazoo Brewery is located in the trendy Gulch neighborhood in downtown Nashville. After receiving their distillery license in 2009, Yazoo brewed Tennessee’s first-ever, legal high-gravity ale, Yazoo Sue, which can be found at the Beer Corner in Cool Springs Wines & Spirits. In addition to their high-gravity ale, Yazoo Brewery also produces a number of craft beers, such as the Mexican-style Dos Perros Ale, the Bavarian Hefeweizen and the rich, chocolatey Sly Rye Porter.


Collier and McKeel

Located about a mile from the Tennessee State Capitol in the heart of Nashville, Collier and McKeel is resurrecting the craft of making small-batch, handcrafted sour mash whiskey – a tradition stemming from their Scottish and Irish ancestors. Collier and McKeel uses a traditional sour mash recipe, water from the Middle Tennessee limestone aquifer, a 570-gallon hand-hammered copper pot still, and sugar maple charcoal for mellowing – a process unique to Tennessee Whiskey that gives it the smooth character for which the state’s whiskey is notorious.

In addition to traditional Tennessee Whiskey, Collier and McKeel also produce vodka and both an un-aged sour mash (also known as moonshine) and a cinnamon-flavored whiskey. A sign of Collier and McKeel’s commitment to quality, their Master Distiller puts his thumbprint on every bottle they produce.

Corsair Distillery

Founded by Nashville natives and childhood friends Darek Bell and Andrew Webber, Corsair Distillery regularly pushes the esoteric spirit envelope by offering both experimental and seasonal spirits, while producing eight more mainstream craft spirits that can be found year-round. In addition to being featured in numerous notable publications, such as Food and Wine, Southern Living and Esquire magazines, Corsair Distillery has received widespread acclaim since its inception with its innovative, adventurous spirits having won 41 medals at international spirits competitions. Self-proclaimed as “Booze for Badasses,” Corsair Distillery was named by Whiskey Magazine as both the 2013 “Craft Distillery of the Year” and “Whiskey Brand Innovator of the Year.” Corsair Distillery’s spirit repertoire is a mixologist’s dream, including different styles and variations of whiskey, gin, vodka, rum, moonshine and absinthe.

George Dickel Distillery

Originally established in 1870 and located in Tullahoma, Tennessee, George Dickel Distillery produces the only Tennessee whisky that, prior to its charcoal mellowing, is chilled – a process that creates an ultra-smooth sipping whisky. George Dickel declared the resulting whisky equal to that of the finest Scotch whisky, which is why he ultimately dropped the “e” in his “whiskey” name. George Dickel’s authentic whisky recipe and process remain the same today, courtesy of Master Distiller Ralph Dupps, who obtained Dickel’s original manuscripts in 1958, some 60+ years after Dickel’s death, and rebuilt the George Dickel Distillery after it was closed for several decades during and after Prohibition, passing on the recipe in 2005 to current Master Distiller John Lunn.

Jack Daniel’s Distillery

The highest selling, most well-known American whiskey in the world, Jack Daniel’s original Old No. 7 sipping whiskey is known far and wide by its square bottle, black label and sweet taste. Located in Lynchburg, Tennessee, the Jack Daniel’s Distillery produces its whiskey in a dry county, meaning it is illegal to buy or sell alcohol in stores and restaurants. Even though it’s in a dry county, the Jack Daniel’s Distillery is a favorite destination for spirit adventurers and hosts tours that include product sampling daily. In addition to the original Old No. 7, Jack Daniel’s Distillery produces more than 30 different whiskeys, including whiskey connoisseur favorites like Gentleman Jack and Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel.

Ole Smoky Moonshine

Located in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, Ole Smoky Moonshine Distillery is a local, family-run business and the first federally licensed distillery in the history of East Tennessee. Keeping to tradition, the corn used in the 200-year old Ole Smoky Moonshine recipes is grown and milled on family property in East Tennessee. During distillery tours, not only can you can see the grains converted into the clear corn liquor and experience the whole process from beginning to end, but you can also talk to the distillers and taste the moonshine.

Popcorn Sutton Distillery

A third generation moonshiner, Tennessee whiskey legend Marvin “Popcorn” Sutton lived and distilled his whiskey in Cocke County, Tennessee. Facing an impending prison sentence for making illegal moonshine, Popcorn took his own life in March 2009 but not before passing on his secret recipe to his apprentice, Jamey Grosser. Ironically a few months later, Tennessee loosened its laws, allowing counties not previously eligible to begin distilling. Continuing the tradition, Popcorn Sutton’s legendary White Whiskey is now legally distilled and bottled by Grosser using the same secret moonshine recipe at the Popcorn Sutton Distillery in Nashville, Tennessee.

Prichard’s Distillery

A family tradition spanning some five generations, Prichard’s Distillery officially opened in 1997 in Kelso, representing the first legal distillery built in Tennessee in 50 years. Prichard’s Distillery uses some of the highest quality ingredients to produce its award-winning whiskeys and rums, including many specialty whiskeys like its Double Chocolate Bourbon and Sweet Lucy Bourbon Cream Liqueur and specialty rums like its Key Lime Rum and Peach Mango Rum.

Short Mountain Distillery

Located just outside Murfreesboro in Woodbury, Tennessee, Short Mountain Distillery’s moonshiners bring over 100 combined years of distilling experience to the Cannon County distillery. Founded by the Kaufman brothers in 2010 as a way to help sustain local farming and provide jobs to the community, Short Mountain Distillery makes its authentic moonshine by stone-milling the corn grown on brother Billy Kaufman’s 300-acre sustainable farm. Products include Short Mountain Shine and the incredibly popular Apple Pie Moonshine.

Whisper Creek Tennessee Sipping Cream

Distilled at SPEAKeasy Spirits in an historic part of West Nashville in Tennessee, Whisper Creek Tennessee Sipping Cream is the artisan distillery’s flagship brand that combines the characteristics of traditional Tennessee sipping whiskey with the subtlety of caramel, molasses, pecan, apple and fig. Complete with a state-of-the-art lab, SPEAK easy Spirits offers tours starting in June of 2013, during which you can experience production and sample the designer whiskey.