The knowledgable, dedicated staff at Cool Springs Wines & Spirits is the best in the business. With over 200 years of combined industry experience, the CSWS team is clutch for customers who count on them for recommendations, party planning, efficient checkout and reliable all-around service. They takes pride in building relationships with customers, suppliers, the makers and the community. You gotta admit, working in the liquor industry has its advantages!


Jackie & James Woodard

Long-time residents of Williamson County, Jackie and Woody remember when Cool Springs was mostly farmland.  In fact, the Woodards had a vision for the area’s growth and became an integral part of the original commercial development of Mallory Lane along Interstate 65 back in 1995.

With Cool Springs still in its infancy, Jackie and Woody leased space in the Kroger strip mall on Mallory Lane, opening the area’s first selective liquor and wine store, calling it simply Cool Springs Wines & Spirits (CSWS).  Enjoying modest but fast-paced success, the two broke ground five years later across the street, building the superstore you see today that now is also home to Woody’s Smokes and Brews.

A love of fine wines and spirits, extensive experience in the financial arena and innately perceptive character are the keys to CSWS’s success.  Always searching for new, innovative wines and spirits, the two travel extensively and have visited vineyards, wineries and distilleries on nearly every continent.  When they’re not spending time with the grandkids, Jackie and Woody enjoy outdoor activities including hiking, golf, skiing and boating.

Jeff Warzynski

Jeff is a wine guy, that’s for sure! With more than 20 years of experience sharing his passion for wine, Jeff has built a reputation as the “go-to” wine guy for customers, distributors and sales reps alike. Jeff has traveled throughout the world to learn the stories and secrets of winemakers, and he has an uncommon ability to parlay that knowledge wherever the occasion presents. In addition to serving as Wine Manager, Jeff spearheads tastings and educational seminars for Cool Springs Wines & Spirits. He makes wine approachable with his easy-going demeanor and natural people skills. When asked about favorite wine styles, Jeff will tell you he likes them all, but he tends to drink wines that go with the season, mood, or food. (He’s also known for enjoying a Chopin Vodka cocktail and Yazoo Pale Ale at times!) In his free time, Jeff loves to BBQ and is a former competitor on the Kansas City Barbecue Society circuit.

Dave Nichols

All the way from Manchester, England, Dave Nichols joined the Cool Springs Wines & Spirits team in June of 2013 after serving as Bar Manager at the Brentwood Country Club for 15 years. Dave is extremely knowledgeable about liquor with a special infinity for Scotch, Vodka and Canadian Whiskey. At the store, you can usually find Dave assisting customers amongst the spirits shelves or pouring at the tasting bar. Outside of work, Dave enjoys reading, playing golf, doing crossword puzzles and horse racing.Spirits.

Mike Willett

Prior to joining the team at Cool Springs Wine and Spirits, Mike worked for several other retail wine stores holding various sales and management positions. When not working in the store, Mike pursues his “wine” hobby/profession in the market, conducting wine tastings and attending industry events. Needless to say, Mike has a gamut of wine knowledge under his belt! On a day off you might catch Mike sipping on Kentucky Bourbon to help him reminisce about his southern roots.

Tamara Jones

Richard Robinson

Richard helped open Cool Springs Wines & Spirits more than 20 years ago. He was hired as General Manager and helped with the initial design and layout of the store, and with staffing and stocking. South Florida came calling and soon he was off to Miami, where he worked for Johnson Wales Culinary School. He then became a wine educator for a distributor and went on to manage wine shops in Alabama and Florida. Richard is now happily back “home” with Cool Springs Wines & Spirits. He is a self-professed Rosé fanatic and a connoisseur of Champagne.  But after a long day of working in the garden or hiking, he also enjoys the occasional Heineken or his favorite high gravity beer, Chimay Premier Ale. When he’s not at Cool Springs Wines & Spirits, you can usually find Richard with his beloved Australian Shepherd named “Bella.”

Jeff Austin

With nearly five years of bartending under his belt, Jeff began working at Cool Springs Wines & Spirits in 2010 after moving from his home in Phoenix, AZ. When he’s not in the back supervising the hustle and bustle in our 3,200 sq. ft. warehouse, he’s outside with the bees where he produces his own honey to sell and bring to his colleagues at Cool Springs Wines & Spirits.

Ann Dennon

Pam Howard

Terry Madden