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Beers On Tap

Beers On Tap


The Cool Springs Wines & Spirits Growler Filling Station features 28 taps of cold high-and low-gravity beers. Choose a 32 or 64 ounce Cool Springs Wines & Spirits growler or bring your own clean growler for us to fill. 

Current Tap List

*Updated October 30, 2017

Tap#Product Name32oz64ozABV
1New Heights - Damguday II - Hazy Red IPA$6.39$12.146.5%
2Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale$6.00$12.006.8%
3Lagunitas Fusion 39 - Pale Ale$9.99$18.988.5%
4New Holland Drangon's Milk Stout$8.99$17.9811%
5Tailgate Peanut Butter Milk Stout$5.09$9.675.8%
8New Heights - Coffee 'n' Cream$6.99$13.985.6%
9New Belgium - Voodoo Ranger IPA$4.29$8.587.0%
10Founders Centennial IPA$5.00$10.005.3%
11Dogfish - 90 Minute IPA$7.00$14.009.0%
12Kentucky Pumpkin Ale$8.99$17.0810%
13Evil Twin Retro IPA$6.19$11.766.0%
14Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale$7.75$15.508.19%
15Mayday - Berry Blonde$6.99$13.984.5%
16Turtle Anarchy-Portly Stout$5.00$10.006.2%
17Kuhnhenn - Double Rice IPA $6.39$12.789.5%
18Boulevard - Tough Kitty Milk Stout$5.99$11.386.0%
19Franziskaner Hefe$5.99$11.386.0%
20Jackalope Bearwalker Maple Brown Ale$5.59$11.185.1%
21Lagunitas Under Cover Shut-Down Ale$5.69$10.819.4%
22Garr's Barrel Aged Red Jam$6.29$12.588.0%
23Duchesse de Bourgogne$15.00$28.486.0%
24Diskin Cider - Tiki Tonik Pineapple$4.89$9.295.0%
25TallGrass - Backpacker Brown Ale$3.59$6.826.2%
26Lagunitas - Born Again Yesterday$5.99$11.387.0%
27Nashville Lager$4.99$9.484.9%
28Colorado Guanabara Imperial Stout (Brazil)$13.99$26.5810%

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