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Beers On Tap

Beers On Tap


The Cool Springs Wines & Spirits Growler Filling Station features 28 taps of cold high-and low-gravity beers. Choose a 32 or 64 ounce Cool Springs Wines & Spirits growler or bring your own clean growler for us to fill.

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Current Tap List

*Updated December 11, 2017

Tap#Product Name32oz64ozABV
1New Heights - Damguday II - Hazy Red IPA$6.39$12.146.5%
2Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale 2016$6.00$12.006.8%
4Turtle Anarchy a Bull & Bomb$5.00$10.007.4%
7Two Brothers - Pinball Pale Ale $4.49$8.985.4%
10Perennial Working Title$4.64$9.296.2%
15Tennessee Brew Works Wildflower$4.29$8.596.8%
17Blackberry Farms/Cigar City Southern Fellowship $6.49$12.985.6%
21Bearded Iris Homestyle- IPA$7.99$14.996.0%
22Half Batch- Fulkin$4.29$8.594.9%
28Stillwater Subliminal- imperial stout$12.99$24.9910%

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