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Newsworthy: Bundle Up with Local Spirits

Newsworthy: Bundle Up with Local Spirits

The staff at CSWS knows that cooler temperatures can lead to winter blues. Briefly escape the doldrums of the season with this delicious cocktail from local distillery in Downtown Nashville, you can also enjoy two new and bold releases.

Oatrage Whiskey (750ml) – $49.99
Made with malted oats and coffee malts. This artisanal whiskey is bottled at 100 proof and is not be messed with.

Buck Yeah (750ml) – $49.99
This experimental release is made from buckwheat and victory malt. Try something new and shop local.

Ryemaggedon (750ml) – $44.99
An aged version of Corsair’s Wry Moon white whiskey, made from malted rye and chocolate rye. The nose is heavy with grain, savory yet spicy and clearly on the hot side.CorsairFalconSmashRecipeImage


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